Winter is Losing it’s Sparkle

Hmmm…the Weather Network is filling the airwaves with news of a Severe Storm Watch for Southern OntarioCBC radio is broadcasting weather updates and declaring ominous forecasts for Toronto.  The more I hear about this storm the more hyped up I get. 

Now, I know, I know the winter really hasn’t been that hard here.  Hardly a flake of snow before Christmas and really not a lot since.  Yes its been freezing but throw on another sweater or two and get through it.  Buck up, we live in Canada right?

I need something, anything to remind me of what is coming.  Warmth, melting snow, and flowers, glorious flowers.

Ahhh…and there you go.  I snapped this picture last April to use as inspiration for a watercolour painting.  Tulips are a passion of mine with their perky posture and luscious colours.  I think that is just what I needed.

How are you managing through the slog of winter?  What gets you through the storms and the grey days?  I would love to hear from you…


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