A Warm and Fuzzy Alternate Universe

I made a new year’s resolution this year to start a blog, and I have.  I jumped in with both feet and have spent the past month and a half sending posts out into this alternate universe.  And so far, I have to say its pretty warm and fuzzy out there.

Strangers have stopped by, actually read what I have written and made comments.  Positive comments, nice things from (I assume) nice people.  I am loving this blog world.

I am a keener whenever I want to learn something new and I always turn to my trusty library for a big stack of books.  So far, one of the most helpful has been:


Tris Hussey is a Canadian blogger and holds the hands of newbies like me and leads us through the blogosphere.

Other blogs that I have discovered have been my biggest inspiration.  There are so many amazing ones out there.  A few favourites are:

Her Bad Mother http://herbadmother.com/ A fellow Toronto mother of two, and a celebrated and prolific blogger.  Her writing style is refreshing and well done.  The subjects she tackles never fail to move me and illicit some kind of response.  No wonder she has become so well known.

A visual blog I just can’t get enough of is 3191.  http://3191.visualblogging.com/ Two friends who live 3191 miles apart, one on the east coast of the US and one on the west coast.  They post thoughts and images about their daily life.  The photos are truly inspiring and its such a calm and happy place to browse through.  It transports you to a cozy, afternoon at a friend’s house.

So… thank you to this welcoming world and thank you to all the people who have encouraged me on this path.  I like it here…


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