A Prescription for Stress

I have lost a bit of my spark. That bright light and energy that makes you accomplish things. When I worked at a traditional job my spark was the pay cheque or the grumpy boss that was breathing down my neck or the desire for affirmation and recognition. Deadlines in school or work projects applied pressure and motivated me to get things done. Stress can be a positive force if managed correctly and I think I need a prescription.

I just returned from a friend’s cottage and it gave me the time and space to think about energy. We spent a lot of time together as a family lounging on the dock, splashing in the water and enjoying the peace and quiet. It was relaxing and so easy to get lulled into vacation mode. I think I might be stuck in that mode. Just as it is on vacation, you can get a few things done but nothing is really pressing or urgent. If it doesn’t get done, no worries, there is always tomorrow.

We drove home yesterday and my husband and I molted our lazy skin and worked together to get the packing chaos organized quickly so we would be ready for the week ahead. It made me realize that energy comes from purpose. Steve Chandler explains it so succinctly in his book, 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself. He points out the difference between people who set and achieve goals all day, and people who just do whatever comes up, is knowing your purpose and being motivated by it.

I think we all know that. In my life I get distracted by all the other bits and bobs and lose my spark in the frenzy of the every day. Without the outside pressure or deadlines its easy to push your goals to the side when life gets busy or something comes up.

It’s time to fill my prescription for stress and focus on the spark.


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